About Us

Discover the unique beauties of Karpathos Island, from the verdant mountains to the beautiful beaches and azure waters. Visit magnificent ancient ruins, traditional villages and modern city full of life. With a safe and reliable vehicle, your tour in Karpathos Island is an unforgettable and unique experience.


Tenant: Resident or temporary address, Greece

Minimum age: 18 years.

Driving License: LICENSE IN DRIVING FORCE issued in the country of residence / or the DRIVER INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE DIPLOMA IN DRIVING FORCE for the corresponding category of motorcycle DIPLOMA IN DRIVING FORCE issued for at least ONE YEAR.

Rental Duration: Minimum Rental Duration A DAY (24 HOURS).

Mileage: FREE kilometers.

Gasoline: The cost of gasoline charged to his / her client / renter (and flat tire repair).

Insurance: All rental agreements include Security SIMPLE TO THIRD PARTIES , fire, theft and Col. Damage. Waiver (CDW).

Maintenance: ALL bikes are properly maintained and in perfect mechanical condition. Helmets and Road Map offered by Superbikes for free.

Road Assistance: FREE 24-Hour Road Service. If there is mechanical damage the bike replaced without charge.

Fines / Hits: The customer / renter is Responsible for all calls, or violations of traffic regulations.

Payment: Cash or Valid credit card (VISA MasterCard).

Taxes: All prices subject to VAT.

Note: The list prices may change without prior notice.


· Choose the right vehicle.

· Check the condition of the vehicle.

· Ask for helmets.

· Check the contract / agreement.

· Book the vehicle direct to the office or via internet.

· Don’t book your vehicle to your tour escort because they get commission.

· Check the insurance and the services you get before you sing the contract / agreement.